Closing Door, Trapped Fingers

Closing Door, Trapped Fingers

We all use doors. We use them every day. Open, close, open, close, etc. There isn’t much to it really. Fairly straightforward, most of the time. This case however shows that even the more mundane of day to day activities can still catch you off guard. It only takes a momentary lapse of concentration for(…)

Collapsed at the wheel

Unfortunately for Miss B whilst she was traveling on a bus the bus driver collapsed at the wheel and drove into a lamppost causing Miss B to be thrown down the bus injuring her wrist and her lower back. The bus company have now admitted liability for the accident. Brearleys solicitors are your best choice(…)

King Of Clubs

The story of James Corrigan and Batley’s iconic nightclub the Frontier is being told in a new book written by one of the people who knew him best. Maureen Prest worked as the clubs promotions and pr manager during the heady heydays of the 60s and 70s. The club attracted the biggest names in show(…)

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