Solicitors Negligence

Solicitors and other professionals unfortunately are often negligent.

We are experts in dealing with professional negligence claims against all types of professionals.

We often come across situations where through bad advise the client has lost significant amounts or even the chance of being successful in their matter.

If you suspect that you have been badly advised by your professional whether it is a solicitor, accountant, survey or similar then we are here to help.

Very commonly at the moment we are finding that people have been badly advised in personal injury claims.  This means that they have either been told that their claim had no chance or that they have been told to settle the claim for a lesser amount than they should.  We have become very busy with dealing with these types of claims.  If you have had a personal injury claim it is worth getting others to check for you that it was properly settled.  For more details about these types of claim visit

Also if you have been divorced within the last 6 years you may find that you have not been properly advised particularly about pensions and your entitlement.  In simple terms if your husband or wife had a pension then it has to be valued in a very specific way so that you receive best advice about whether you should be compensated going forwards for it.  It is very common indeed for divorcing parties not to be properly advised about the value of the pension particularly when the other party has a civil service pension.  This would apply to teachers, police officers, civil servants, armed services personnel, nurses, doctors etc

Because the pensions that civil servants receive our high and receive enhancements towards the end of their career and very specialised valuation of these pensions is required if you are to be properly compensated in respect of that pension.  We are currently dealing with a number of very significant claims where the pensions have been undervalued by a great deal and as a result the other party has lost out significantly.  It is definitely worth checking with those in the event that you have had a settlement under a divorce where your spouse had a pension

We can deal with professional negligence claims including those involving divorce and a no win no fee basis.  You really have nothing to lose by contacting us

Solicitors Negligence

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