Landlord and Tenant

There often comes a time when disputes arise between Landlords and Tenants which the parties are unable to resolve amicably. Whether you are a Landlord having issues with a Tenant or vice versa we have the experience you need to facilitate a resolution. As a Landlord, you may have problems with a Tenant missing rent or causing damage to your property and may wish to evict that tenant from your property and recover your losses from them. This is something we can assist with via a step-by-step process, which is subject to fixed fees along the way so that you are aware of the costs at the outset. We can serve formal notices on tenants to vacate your property and if necessary issue possession proceedings at the civil court on your behalf. We have an extensive knowledge of debt recovery and enforcement should these services be required to recover your financial losses caused by a tenant.

We have good links with local estate agents therefore if you are a Landlord and your property is let and managed through the use of an Estate Agent, you can choose to instruct us via your Estate Agent should our services be required. As a tenant, you may have disputes with your Landlord regarding breaches of their obligations to you and the terms of your Tenancy Agreement for example, by failing to keep the property in a good state of repair. Or, you may have a claim following your Landlord’s failure to secure your deposit in a Deposit Protection Scheme. In this case, you may be entitled to claim the amount of the deposit plus 3 times that amount.

It pays know your rights! Our Landlord and Tenant work is primarily dealt with by our Hayley Walker at our Cleckheaton branch.

Hayley has experience in both Landlord and Tenant disputes, general litigation and debt recovery/enforcement.

Please contact Hayley on 01274 864002 with your enquiries and details of our fixed fees.



  1. Letter of warning to tenant – £50 plus VAT
  2. Preparation and service of notice to vacate/pay arrears – £100 plus VAT
  3. Issue of court proceedings – £100 plus VAT + £280 court fee
  4. Representation at final hearing – £250 plus VAT + expenses
  5. Application for bailiff warrant to evict tenant – £50 plus VAT + £110 court fee
  6. Other enforcement proceedings – Differ dependent on method


  1. Letter to Landlord (inc. consideration of Tenancy Agreement) – £115 plus VAT
  2. Issue of court proceedings re: DPS breaches – £100 plus VAT + Court fees
  3. Representation at final hearing – £250 plus VAT + expenses
  4. Enforcement proceedings – Differ dependent on method
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