Bank Claims

Banks have been mis-selling bank accounts with the result that many millions of people have a valid claim against their bank to recover the amounts paid over the years.

These amounts can often add up to quite substantial sums.

Examples of where you may have been mis-sold a bank account include but are not limited to –

Being told that you had to get a particular type of account, for example when applying for a mortgage or a loan.

Not being told that there is a free alternative account available.

Being too old to benefit from certain features of the bank account .  Common example is where the bank account included travel insurance  as often this would have an upper  age limit  or could exclude  certain geographical locations .

It can be where there are pushy sales people selling the account rather than offering it.

It can also be where you have been told that having an account will improve your credit score.

Often clients have tried to cancel the account and have been forced into keeping it.

If any of the above examples  ring a bell  or strike a chord then contact Brearleys Solicitors.  There is no obligation and we can look into it for you.  If there is a claim then we can make a claim for you in a quick and straightforward way. We will only charge you with successful .   You have nothing to lose.

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