Have you had bad advice from your solicitor or legal advisor?

Solicitors don’t always get it right.  At Brearleys we have dealt with a number of claims against solicitors and other professionals arising from their mistakes or simply dealing with cases they were not competent to deal with.  If you need a solicitor these are the sort of things to look out for:- Are they experienced(…)

How do you choose a solicitor?

How do you choose a solicitor without having any experience of them or of their competitors? Possibly one of the best ways initially is to find out whether they have specialist quality accreditations; for example as to whether they are members of the law society’s conveyancing quality scheme or the Wills and inheritance quality scheme.(…)

The legal minefield of renting out property

Renting out your property may seem like an easy source of income, but it can be a legal minefield. Also you may have to pay tax on the income that you earn. If there are disagreements between you and your tenants, it can quickly become a drain on your time and resources. The best way(…)

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