What revokes (ends) a Will?

There are several ways of revoking a will. This can happen when the person who made the will intends to revoke it, but there are also some ways that it can happen automatically, by operation of law, even if the person who made the will did not intend to revoke it. The different ways of(…)

How do you choose a solicitor?

How do you choose a solicitor without having any experience of them or of their competitors? Possibly one of the best ways initially is to find out whether they have specialist quality accreditations; for example as to whether they are members of the law society’s conveyancing quality scheme or the Wills and inheritance quality scheme.(…)

Mediation – questions

Mediation – questions

Our mediator, Bayla, has been busy lately giving tutorials to the volunteers of the PSU in Leeds on the place of Family Mediation in Family Proceedings. They have the answers now to questions like – “Why do I have to go to mediation?” “What will it cost me” “How long will mediation take?” Would you(…)

Is finding fault really necessary in matrimonial proceedings?

Our family mediator, Bayla Klyne, thanks Sarah Crowther for sending a link to an article which really struck a chord with her. In the article (see Britain’s most senior judge, Baroness Hale, said that fault should be taken out of most matrimonial disputes.  Bayla says this is precisely how mediations are conducted.  The focus(…)

Legal aid – the current position

Many of you may already be aware that in April 2013 the Government severely cut legal aid in family and children cases. This has had far reaching consequences for many ordinary people seeking access to justice in these areas and we at Brearleys have seen this first hand. But these cuts go even further and(…)

When a Marriage breaks down…

  There are many reasons why a marriage breaks down. If you have decided that you wish to put an end to your marriage you could instigate divorce proceedings.    In these circumstances a Divorce Petition would be issued on your behalf to confirm that the marriage has broken down irretrievably.    There are five ways to(…)

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